Brand Overview

Is more than just a glitter brand! With the Lecenté name comes their promise: to produce products that are made to the highest of standards. They work closely in the manufacturing process to ensure the products you receive are safe and of the highest quality. As a company, Lecenté want to help you maximise your business and nail horizons, which is why you can always be assured that Lecenté products are created specifically for you – the nail professional.

Lecenté Create – a gel polish system like no other that was 3 years in the making! Lecenté Create has been developed with chemists to design a unique product that is manufactured in the UK. It is set to create big waves within the nail industry.

From rainbows and glitter gels to one coat colours, you will love the entire Create range. With their builder gel, smooth It, Layer It and foil gel products your creativity options are endless.

Lecenté Glitters are 100% pure and contain just glitter, no other nasties! Are 95% hypoallergenic due to their complex construction – which means they are very SAFE to use!

Lecenté Bioglitters™ – biodegradable alternatives to the regular glitters. These glitters are 87% biodegradable within 28 days and are made from plant-based materials. Lecenté are looking to expand this range in the future. Furthermore, the Stardust range is made from completely natural ingredients and is fully recyclable.

All Lecenté Glitters, powders and foils are cruelty-free and have not been tested on animals. All products are vegan except for the Art Brushes range which contain hair from humanely kept Kolinsky Sables. Lecenté are currently researching and developing a vegan alternative for their brushes.


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