Perfect Eyelash

Brand Overview

Perfect Eyelash is a Dutch company that started 8 years ago as a small studio at home. In a short time, the company has grown into a real empire! They have always worked exclusively with a team of stylists and trainers within their own company. This ensures that the quality always remains extremely high. This has resulted in more than 50 international awards and prizes!


Thanks to their own brand of professional eyebrow products they can proudly say that they strive for the highest quality in every field, top quality products, the best care for the client and the most innovative techniques and training.


That is what they stand for especially with their Brow Henna and Brow Styling products, not to mention their vast range of Brow Cosmetics that are a real retail outlet for your business and will compliment your client’s Perfect Brows for when they leave the salon!


The promise to give the best quality and along with it the best service. To be the first to launch innovative new products that are top of the range, safe and of the utmost quality. Realistic and transparent, honesty goes a long way!


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