Brand Overview

Saloncide Solutions Ltd was started in April 2011 by Neal Eason. He has over 35 years experience in infection control and supplying cleaning & hygiene consumables to all commercial sectors.

In the wide variety of products supplied to his customers, there was one unique range that totally eclipsed the way chemicals will be manufactured in the future. The Anti-microbial alcohol-free disinfectant. Neal introduced this to a wide variety of businesses and sectors. The ground-breaking disinfectants took off immediately outperforming the market leader.

Realising there was absolutely nothing like this in the hair & beauty market, Neal decided to re-brand the product to suit the industry and Saloncide Solutions was born.


Frequently asked questions about Saloncide.

What is Saloncide?

Saloncide is a water-based disinfection range developed for use in Hair, beauty salons, barber shops, tattoo parlours & spa environments

Where can Saloncide be used?

As Saloncide is water based, it is very gentle meaning it can be used to disinfect any porous or non-porous surfaces, fabrics, leather, plastics, wood, glass, tools & equipment throughout the salon/shop. Conversely, bleach, acid, alcohol & solvent based disinfectants may damage some surfaces over a period of time.

(* Please see note below for anything metal or stainless steel).

How effective is Saloncide?

Does Saloncide have any active ingredients that can be harmful?

No. Saloncide is alcohol, solvent, acid, paraben & bleach free & yet still has powerful disinfection capabilities.

How long does Saloncide take to work?

Contact times vary depending on micro-organisms present but Saloncide has been independently tested to kill enveloped viruses (like Coronavirus, Hep B, Hep C or HIV, TB) within 2 minutes. Saloncide has proven to be effective on yeast & fungi within 1 minute & bacteria within 30 seconds.

Why is 99.998% important?

Most disinfectants are effective to 99.9% on micro-organisms. Saloncide works up to 99.998%. Disinfectants which kill only 99.9%, (1 in 1000) leave enough cells to recover & repopulate quickly. At 99.998% kill rate, less than 1 in 100,000 cells remain, meaning that the population is no longer viable.

Does Saloncide continue to work after?

Yes. Saloncide remains on the surface to provide a residual decontamination effect that inhibits future bacterial, fungal & viral growth. Unlike alcohol-based disinfectants which evaporates away immediately after application. Therefore, efficacy improves with continued use.

How does Saloncide support adherence to COSHH guidelines?

Saloncide is supplied in ready-to-use formulas which have an extremely low hazard rating which simplifies the COSHH risk assessment process. Saloncide have all relevant COSHH sheets available

*When disinfecting any metal or stainless steel, please make sure you dry off with a paper towel or clean dry cloth after 2 minutes contact time to prevent rusting.

** Wipe off clippers after 2mins, then spray oil occasionally to prevent rusting.


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